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Energy Conservation

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Green Your Environment

Whether your goal is to save money or reduce your operation’s carbon footprint, contacting Koontz-Wagner Services for a complete expert energy analysis will reveal ways in which you can lower your demand for electricity and lower your utility costs.


Koontz-Wagner can provide utility analysis in any size commercial, industrial, and institutional setting, anywhere in the United States.


We will determine your energy usage then show you how to maximize your equipment and reduce monthly costs. We can even show you how investing in new energy-efficient equipment will save money through reduced utility bills.  


Building automation systems, lighting motion detectors, and remote access HVAC controls may also be recommended. The costs of these investments are often recovered within the first year.


Koontz-Wagner Services is your partner in energy savings.

  • Power Factor Correction

  • Building Automation Systems

  • Remote Monitoring and Controls

  • Temperature Control System Install

  • Complete Lighting Systems

  • Wind Farm Power Systems

  • Photovoltaic (Solar) Systems

  • Energy Management Solutions

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