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Predictive Maintenance

key to your success
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The Key to Your Success

You can’t afford down-time. We understand that.


When you use Koontz-Wagner Preventative Maintenance, we analyze and improve efficiencies in your workplace, all to keep you running.


As part of your team, we will monitor your equipment and let you know in real-time any abnormalities or possible downtime from predicted failures.


What makes us different?


Total predictive maintenance. Koontz-Wagner is the only company to offer the full scope of predictive maintenance measures.


We are certified in all technologies, including our Vibration Institute®-certified analysts, the gold standard in the industry. We make onsite adjustments or updates offer remote monitoring and infrared imaging, along with other services to keep your systems fully operational.


If a motor fails, our full-service team will deliver it to our motor repair shop and when ready, re-install, recalibrate and test it, all in an efficient and cost-effective process.


Quick to respond, reliable.
Our Koontz-Wagner skilled team is key to your success.

  • Certified Vibration Analysts

  • On-Site Balancing of Rotating Equipment

  • Certified Infrared Thermography

  • Oil Analysis

  • On-Line and Off-Line Motor Current Analysis

  • Ultrasound Analysis

  • Motion Amplification

  • Remote Condition Monitoring (IIoT)

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